FuelMatic is an electronic B2B payment – Fleet Fuel management solution.

The RFID tags installed on the fuel inlet of the vehicles and the RFID tag readers on the nozzles ensures that the right fuel goes into the right tank in respect to the settings of the fleet managers.

Through the FuelMatic Web Fleet, fleet managers set different types of restrictions for the vehicles, groups or fleets fueling process.

Daily – Weekly - Month volumetric or monetary limits

Station – City – Region restrictions

Day – Time restrictions

For customer credibility check each time online authroization through the head office  is required before fueling. The avarage authroziation process takes 2 to 7 seconds depending on the communication infrastructure quality and capacity.

Pull the nozzle back, FuelMatic cuts off fueling.... once the nozzle is pulled back out from the inlet, system stops fueling in avarage of 2 seconds and this is a parametric adjustable preferrence which can be shorten as well.

The advenced feature of FuelMatic is the odometer reading capability... the OBD conncetor shares the mlieage data of the vehicle with the mastergateway where unique data dsycription of RFID tags happen.

Odometer reporting gives the fleet manager the capability of analyzing consumption of the vehicles and to identify the higher consumption rates as well as the lower.

RPS carries the experience of 20 years in the industry and as of today more than 7.000 stations and almost 2.5 milllion vehicles, 40.000 fleet owner companies,  actively using our RFID tags and our technology...

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