CenterMatic is the head office software of RPS and developped for central management of cards and retail operations.

The software having the submodules is the authorization center for Fuelmatic services and integrated to ERP systems like Oracle, SAP and Maximo.

Centermatic communicates to FleetMatic Web on two ways as a feeding gate and also being fed up through.

As the fleetmanagers use the Fleetmatic Web to set restrictions due to hyrarchy, the administrators in the head office use CenterMatic for customer definitions.

CenterMatic generates reports for retail management as well as cards being a card management system. The mostly used tools are method of payment breakdown reporting, tank and sales head office modules.

A sufficient head office product should be developped by live experience on years. The history of Centermatic stands on more than 15 years of experience and in respect to needs of many different oil companies having different management styles in different markets.

Today in many countries in PMA of RPS, fuel prices started to change quite often and CenterMatic – PumpMatic integration makes it possible and easy for the oil companies.

As having the expertize by delivering projects on the field, CenterMatic and PumpMatic both have been developped in a away to support the VAT implementation and subsidy initiative.

RPS is focused an expert in the niche area of filling station automation systems, RFID Fleet fuel management solutions. We believe in sustainable development and we reflect the experience of each project on our products. CenterMatic is the conductor of all systems of us.

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