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RPS having own solutions in the field of Filling Station Automation Systems and RFID Fleet Fuel Management Business, is one of the most preferred company and having long years of experience in the industry. Company is owned by %100 Turkish investors, having the headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey and branch office in Dubai.

The experience of the company comes from implementing site automation systems of more than 5.000 filling stations and installing RFID on more than 2.000.000 vehicles.

Besides this vast experience,  educational back ground of investors and employees are fulfilled by professional experience in downstream, software and automation businesses

The preferred market area of RPS, GCC, Middle East, Asia and Africa. The majority of the clients are either oil distribution companies having retail network and also commercial clients with home-base fueling operations.

In last 3 years, RPS had delivered 10 projects in the region and working on 9 different projects which will be completed in 2018.

The well-known services and products of the company are FuelMatic, PumpMatic, TankMatic, TankerMatic, CenterMatic and Integrations. In our web site, detailed information about all services is available under the ‘Solutions’ tab.

Main objective of RPS is to pioneer the innovation in the market therefore we always look for best talent in the market who are willing to work on project development area of our business.

HSSE priority and compliance are the major customer promises.


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